Let’s Stay In Touch!

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Unwed Housewife is now on Bloglovin’, Instagram, and Facebook! I’m also on Pinterest and Twitter, and you can shoot me an email at unwedhousewifeblog@gmail.com. I’m available to answer any of your culinary questions. If you’re following one of my recipes and aren’t sure how to do something or where to purchase an ingredient, don’t hesitate to ask. I want you to have all the information you need to be successful. Cooking and eating is meant to be fun, and I want you to be able to follow my recipes effortlessly.

I’ve been blogging for a month and half and wow, I’ve learned a lot. I’ve never been tech savvy or good with social media, so I’m literally learning something new everyday. It’s rewarding to improve (however modestly) each day.

I’m so impressed with all the talent currently out there in the food blogging community. I’ve come across hundreds of quality food blogs. It’s inspiring. I’d love to grow my blog to be as successful and professional as what I come across everyday.

One downside of food blogging is…I constantly want to eat everything I see! Once I see a tantalizing picture of a dish- whether it’s scallops or cupcakes- I want to eat it. My appetite has never been better (as if that has ever been an issue, ha-ha).

Thank you to the blogging community. I’ve come across friendly bloggers who have generously given me advice and encouragement. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I also appreciate all the food bloggers who post tips on food photography, utilizing social media, etc. If my blog ever becomes successful, I want to return the favor by sharing tips and advice with novice bloggers.


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